Review: Orcs Must Die

Review: Orcs Must Die

Robot Entertainment is making a splash with its new third-person action tower-defence strategy game, Orcs Must Die. Sure that genre description is a mouthful but when you have a game that plays with genres as much as this game that’s hard to avoid.

The game doesn’t really create a new genre of game as much as it combines existing genres into in interesting cocktail that’s at once both familiar and refreshing. It borrows a lot from tower defence games, with all the traps and protect-the-goal gameplay but there is so much to it

You have to keep actively involved in combating the waves of enemies coming at you combining traps with spells and interaction if you want success. If you think you can just set up your set pieces and watch as the game plays out, like with other TD games, you’re so very wrong. The variety between traps and spells allows the player to really get creative with their approach too. You get the feeling like no two players will approach a level the same.


The game doesn’t take itself too seriously either. Its light hearted and fun with a flashy arrogant protagonist and cartoonish enemies lumbering at you. They don’t even bother to over explain the premise. All you really need to know is that there are orcs and that, of course, they must die. Case closed. Now just go kill them.

Playing this game requires both forethought, and the ability to think on the fly which is a surprisingly rare combination in games these days, and which this game capitalizes on really well.

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