Coming next week: Spy Hunter

Coming next week: Spy Hunter

Next week Warner Brothers Interactive is going to release the new TT Fusion developed Spy Hunter game for the Sony Vita and Nintendo 3DS handheld game consoles. If you’re like me, you were a big fan of the original Spy Hunter games in the 1980s. Don’t worry. Warner Brothers haven’t forgotten this franchise’s origins and if anything, this new release is a tribute to that.

This game was specifically developed for these new handhelds so you don’t have to worry about it being a lazy port. Its all newly built this time around. Players assume the role of the eponymous agent driving the beloved G-6155 Interceptor supercar. This ride is heavily armed with crazy futuristic technology to let you hold your own while toppling a global terrorist organization bent on global domination.

This new game will give gamers lots of choice in how their Interceptor transforms and how their loadout and weapons are customized. Thats sure to add a significant amount of replayability to this title so it won’t get stale too quickly. Beyond that, the action camera system gives it that extra splash, giving you some focus on the destruction you reap.

The music has always stood out for Spy Hunter too. It famously made use of the Peter Gunn theme song to add to that great spy feel. Its one of the most classic, and memorable video game theme songs. For this title they’ve modernized things a bit. They still make use of that iconic Peter Gunn tune but giving it a modern remixed sound to amp up the energy level.

Race over highways, off-road, over water as a speedboat , and even make use of the new aerial support drones as you hunt down your enemies in an action-packed high-speed pursuit. Spy Hunter is out on October 9.

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