Community Manager Appreciation Day

Today was Community Manager Appreciation Day. I was asked to take part in a chat today about the evolution of gaming communities along with some of my peers (Carter Gibson, Tanya McGinnity, Emily Claire Affan, Gabe Graziani, Casey Monroe, Corey Rollins, and Tanya Short). It was a really fun and insightful conversation. Its always great being able to talk with other Community Managers and hear their perspectives, share war stories, and trade notes. What made this conversation even better was finding out that I had been awarded a 2014 Community Manager Appreciation Day Award; Let’s Take This Offline for being best at activating in-person events.

Whenever I attend events I spend so much time running around and chatting with the community that it can be overwhelming. I often forget to eat and drink because I get so into it. Its really fun connecting with passionate gamers, helping them out, sharing information, finding out about them, and bouncing from person to person. Sometimes it can be a challenge to even have a 2 minute conversation with a community member before someone else comes up to say hi to me and try to strike up another conversation. A little recognition like this tells me that I must be doing something right, and all that effort is appreciated. As much as I love engaging the community at these events, its nice to know that they enjoy it too.

Thanks to CMAD, BTC Revolutions, HootSuite, Meshfire firewatch services, Nimble and Sprout Social for today, and thanks to all the other community managers for being such an interesting bunch. Most of all, thanks to the gaming community – Every day I am reminded how lucky I am to get to engage such a passionate and enthusiastic community. The gamer community is unique and can certainly be a roller-coaster at times, but we play, we talk, we bond, and we share. The gaming community makes me love my job, my hobbies, and makes me happy to continue to count myself among them.

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