Getting away from it all

Getting away from it all

I just got back from a week-long vacation. By most people’s standards it was my first real holiday. I’ve traveled my fair share in the past but usually for work, or with a specific purpose in mind rather than just going somewhere purely for the purpose of relaxation. I don’t even tend to take time off work unless I’m really ill or incapacitated. What can  I say, I love working and being productive. After being so busy at the end of 2013 and going through so much it was time I tried something different. IT was time to get away and reset. I chose to head down to the Blau Costa Verde in Holguin Cuba, booking a last minute deal.

Holguin is a stunningly beautiful place. The people there were very friendly. The whole thing went very well except for a lousy start involving a repeatedly delayed flight, an avalanche of lies and poor treatment by Canjet staff, and an almost completely inedible meal. Actually speaking of the meal, I’m not typically one to complain about airline food (I sometimes even like it) but this was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. After six hours of sleep in Holguin I woke up and chose to move on past our poor treatment by the airline. I was able to really relax at the resort and had a great time. I did have a bit of a challenge finding food and drink low in sugar – even the bread was sweet – but for the most part the food was great for the whole trip.

Being back in Toronto now, spring can’t come soon enough. 

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