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The Royal Mint gets with the program

They’ve just unveiled their new designs over at the royal mint – the result of a big competition. The winning designs are by Matthew Dent from London England. The resulting coinage doesn’t look too bad though they may look dated before long. They should have been producing coins like this twenty or thirty years ago. ... Read More

Socio-Capitalist Segregation Manifest

Deputydog has a good post going now about the rich-poor urban zone divide and photographs of it’s manifestation. One of the best parts is the comparison of the size of a tennis court (pictured) to the size of the low-income housing just over the wall from said court. Sao Paolo isn’t alone in this phenomenon ... Read More

Italy and the ecology of casual fridays

The Italian health ministry wants businesses (in Italy at least) to ease up on the dress code a bit. The reasoning here is that they think that if people dress more casually (read: comfortably) they won’t need to waste as much energy to compensate for the discrepancy between formality and comfort. If you can dress ... Read More

Prius people posing presents possible problem

This is possibly a tough thing to realize but it turns out that most people buying a Prius hybrid automobile do so because of the statement it makes about them and how it makes that statement. It is a kind of status symbol. In lieu of actually having a conscience it is in fact more ... Read More

Cola wars indeed

John Ukec Lueth Ukec, the Sudaneese ambasador to the USA has indirectly suggested that unless economic sanctions are lifted off Sudan that he will cut off 80% of the world’s supply of gum arabic , putting a stranglehold on our reserves of Coca-Cola (and other soft drinks). He even used a bottle of Coca-Cola as ... Read More

Reactionary Retractions

Its been shown repeatedly (though never with satisfying reliability) that Canada is a breeding ground for movie pirates, with some claiming that Canada is responsible for at least half of all movie piracy. Like with most piracy conversations, lots of numbers and facts are getting tossed about but there is little effort but towards interpreting ... Read More

Credit Card Statement Drawings

Kate is drawing all her guarantor loans and credit card statements by hand. It looks like she is having fun doing it. You will probably have fun checking how to repair your bad credit score with these cash options. Nice attention to detail Kate. One wonders if this makes her more aware and mindful of ... Read More

Cash for organs may be best

The British Medical Journal and is often full of surprises. This time the latest shocker is that they are publishing a piece arguing that people ought to be paid for ‘donating’ their organs.   The piece argues that if the government can regulate the economy of the live human organ market that they can curb the ... Read More

Big Bad Bullys Ban Beck’s Beats

Chartmakers in the UK have banned Beck’s latest effort from ranking up in their eyes. Is his music too ccontroversial? No. They are actually banning him because his CD is packaged with an added DVD featuring videos stickers and helps his fans create their own artwork. Who knew that giving the fans more content and ... Read More

Day against DRM

Tomorrow, October 3rd is the global day for anti-DRM action. We’re sure to see lots of interesting goings on with regards to protesting and educating the public about DRM issues. Check out if anything is going on in your city and if there isn’t then maybe you can take some initiative. Odds are you already ... Read More