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Drawing in the dark

Evidently in 1947 Life magazine did this bit where they asked the celebrity cartoonists of the day to draw their famous creations while blindfolded. It is notable how many of them seem to have turned out like some kind of offset printing misalignment. What fun!

Goodbye traffic lights. Hello manners.

The dutch would rather live in a civil society than rely in electronic signals to mediate their conduct. To that end they have done away with (almost all) traffic lights and replaced them with courtesy. Everyone seems happier as a result. The idea seems that since people can’t rely on pretty lights then they take more care and travel more safely. They also save on electricity, maintenance resources, light pollution, signal saturation and end up having a generally more courteous community.

Philips Simplicity 2006

simplicityThis year saw another installment of the Philips Simplicity show where they showcase their concept designs for uses of their technologies which can improve your life through simplicity. There was a different tone than the designs emerging from last year’s show but the 2006 exhibits were still worth a look. We’re still waiting for some of these to more directly influence products available to the consumer. It is perhaps telling that Philips can’t design without the use of lights.

Nuit Blanche

Tonight is the night for Nuit Blanche to descend upon Toronto. Incase you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard we’ll remind you that it is this all night contemporary art thing. It is already looking to be absolutely huge and exciting. There is too much great work to mention so if you’re in Toronto between sunset tonight and dawn tomorrow morning be sure to check it out. We’re already pretty beat from last night’s huge CTF extravaganza but we still wouldn’t dare miss this. Sleep can wait.

The sun rises in the East

India is contemplating having all offices harness the power of the sun. Solar heating and lighting could soon become mandatory for all commercial buildings (including offices) within the capital. This isn’t even just for new buildings but includes the existing building fabric. With bold moves like this there is hope for some real change in the immediate future. We wish the Delhi Power Department good luck with this initiative.

MatriXX display

The world’s largest 3D display has been produced at the Delft University of Technology playing off the work of James Clarr. They used eight thousand LEDs and have even gotten 3D duckhunt working on it. It looks quite fun. Maybe they have instigated an arms race of fun and large information displays.

BMW does the Airbus A350

airbusThe folks at BMW Group Designworks are dropping it on the Airbus tip with their design for the interior of an A350 twinjet for 2006. The proof of concept is to be unveiled in Hamburg next month. Get your wallets ready ladies and gentlemen.

Living Skins: Architecture as Interface

Peter Hall over at the Adobe Motion Design Centre has an essay up regarding the use of architecture with respect to communication. He does not get too deep into the idea of interactivity with architecture and its inhabitation or context but he does serve up some good rudimentary case studies worth checking out if you’re interested in a cursory glance the state of these ideas.

Phillips Simplicity-led Design 2005

Light ChimesThe Simplicity-led design initiative over at Phillips continues to catch us off guard when we see what the results are. This year they are showcasing a lot of interesting ideas which we hope to see in production sooner rather than later. LED Bulbs, Momento and Chime Lights are only the beginning. What a dream job for any industrial design fanatic. It is such a tease to report on though since information is sparse and vague leaving us wanting much more. Phillips you magnificent bastards, please make good on your temptations. Nobody likes a tease.

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