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Retro Modern

Worth 1000 has a great new photoshop contest under it’s belt. This one tasks it’s entrants to create vintage ads for modern products (though iphone and ipod entries will be promptly disqualified). There are some pretty fun entries too. Definitely worth a look.

HBO, models, hookers, bums

In 1982 were you wondering about HBO’s new intro video with the model city? Check out this documentary about it. Evidently its the most accurate model city ever built, if you believe the narrator. Like the song says, pay close attention to the details. Theres, according to the narrator, a working light bulb in every ... Read More

Rise of the machine’s logo

Alex has a piece up on Neatorama talking briefly about the evolution of logo designs for a few tech companies. Its interesting to see how some of them got to where they are now and we can’t help but feel a little nostalgic for some of these old designs with their art nouveaux flare.

MADD campaign of death

Jordan “I don’t get irony” Farkas has done a campaign for Mothers Against Drunk Driving in which he defaces your car. It gets better though. He specifically defaces your rear view mirror, affixing a decal to it. You might not even notice it until you’re out on the road. Once you attempt to change lanes ... Read More

Shell called out for hippie masquarade

When Royal Dutch Shell got all dressed up in it’s favorite Birkenstocks and favorite tie-dye t-shirt to put out this advertisement they raised a few eyebrows. After the Friends Of The Earth called them out on it. The Dutch Advertising Code Authority stepped in to lay down the law, pulling the offending ads for greenwashing. ... Read More

Terror by design

David over at Ironic Sans has done a bit of work investigating the graphic design employed by terrorist, hate, and extremist political groups. Its pretty interesting once you start putting them side by side and developing a classification system by which you can group them. Perhaps these groups have a lot more in common than ... Read More

Prius people posing presents possible problem

This is possibly a tough thing to realize but it turns out that most people buying a Prius hybrid automobile do so because of the statement it makes about them and how it makes that statement. It is a kind of status symbol. In lieu of actually having a conscience it is in fact more ... Read More

Design so bad it hurts

Jordan has directed us towards the 2012 Olympiad logo which rightfully made us cringe, especially after the revalation of the one year development process and the $750 000 price tag and also of course the horrible accompanying copy on the London 2012 website reading, “the new emblem is modern and will be dynamic, evolving in ... Read More

Cola wars indeed

John Ukec Lueth Ukec, the Sudaneese ambasador to the USA has indirectly suggested that unless economic sanctions are lifted off Sudan that he will cut off 80% of the world’s supply of gum arabic , putting a stranglehold on our reserves of Coca-Cola (and other soft drinks). He even used a bottle of Coca-Cola as ... Read More

Reactionary Retractions

Its been shown repeatedly (though never with satisfying reliability) that Canada is a breeding ground for movie pirates, with some claiming that Canada is responsible for at least half of all movie piracy. Like with most piracy conversations, lots of numbers and facts are getting tossed about but there is little effort but towards interpreting ... Read More