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Ambient Addition

Noah Vawter’s master thesis generates soundscapes from urban noise pollution. Forget noise canceling headphones because these alter the noise to become something you may actually be interested in listening to. Think of it as beer goggles for your ears. Use responsibly.

The Sun has set on the English language

Beyonce is mortified to find that Bootylicious has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. I don’t think you’re ready for this language. In case you were wondering; Beyonce defines bootylicious as beautiful, bountiful and bounce-able though Oxford simply defines it as “informal sexualy attractive.”

The Ghostface Killah Doll

GFKYes, you read that right. We’re not talking about some working-class action figure here. This is a doll. Action is beneath GFK as he strikes a pose in his GFK robe and his 14 karat accessories with Swarovski crystals. A kung-fu grip is obviously implied. Perhaps the best feature is that “each doll will include a Ghostface Killah Doll mixtape dy by a world-famous DJ tba.” GFK is beyond spellchecking. GFK is beyond capitalization of acronyms. “My culture, slides and attacks like a vulture” indeed! The unfortunate part is that this seems to be a shoddy affair and that it is less about a quality offering and more about C.R.E.A.M.


TurnTablistPCThis is another one of those “what- do- you- get- when- you- cross- a- this- with- a- that?” deals featuring a Turntable and a PC. This has got to be the RIAA’s worst nightmare indeed. The thing eats musicians for breakfast, albums for lunch, and profits for dinner. More deadly than a landshark with a grudge, the TurntablePC makes a fine addition to any post-modern home.

More of What Nobody Wants

Clear Channel has a problem. Nobody really wants to listen to any of their content. Their stations are loosing listeners as their audience slowly breaks from captivity and finds more alternative options. Clear Channel is claiming it can not compete with satelite radio, for instance, and that this is entierly unfair. Their solution? – less regulation of course. Clear Channel wants to be allowed to serve up the same banal content over more and more channels. That is their solution to get you to listen to them; they’re just playing on the law of averages. Note to Mark Mays: Nobody wants to listen to Clear Channel content because it sucks. The solution to declining listenership is to make the content suck less. Trying to play off the captive audience ticket and the law of averages will only doom you in the long run.

Pop sketch

Jake Elliott has figured that he can transform pop songs into information graphics by translating the auditory information into something visual algorithmically. After an extensive survey of music, perhaps this might be telling as to what a hit looks like. Maybe someone should try taking these drawings and translating them back into sound, maybe something gets lost, or even added in translation.

Kravitz in the details

The phrase “Rock star architect” is no longer just an expression referring to the elitist jet-setting globe-trotting architectural big shots. It turns out that Lenny Kravitz has found his new passion; architecture. Perhaps this is what we might dub ‘indie-architecture‘? Maybe Mr. Kravitz has just seen too many episodes of Trading Spaces and Pimp My Ride, thinking he can combine the two. It’s hard to tell how serious he is.

iTunes versus the big idea

It turns out that the current iTunes model might be detramental to musicians trying to push conceptual albums and works with ideas or themes larger than a single track. The Los Angeles Times is discussing this problem with respect to Pink Floyd and Live8, but the problem, as they aknowledge, goes beyond that one artist. Many of the most interesting albums in the past have been conceptual or thematic in nature. The single has been phased out of popular music charts. People don’t tend to buy SPs anymore, but they do buy individual tracks online. The ability to buy individual tracks is in most respects a good thing, but the inability for artists to maintain the integrity of an album or set if they so choose could proove detramental to those artists seeking to communicate their big idea beyond a single track.

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