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Blue collars prevent green building

Unions can be a touchy subject but few would argue the power that they provide people. This power is being abused down in Philly lately it seems. The trade unions are putting the kibosh on the construction of the Comcast Centre. Why the dispute? We’re glad you asked. It seems that they’re quarreling over the ... Read More

The value of Canadian design

There is some sharp commentary going on over at ideasonideas regarding the “My Canadian Cultural Gateway Webpage Competition” by the Design Exchange in partnership with the Department of Canadian Heritage. We at Ohmpage support their stance on this matter and would like to encourage others to speak out on the state of design competitions and ... Read More

Forced transit ubiquity

Howard Moscoe (Chair of the Toronto Transit Comission) is proposing that condominium developers in Toronto provide free transit passes to residents of condos erected near subway lines in order to both generate revenue, and encourage use of public transit. The move would also see a rate hike for those buying on-the-spot passes. While this seems ... Read More


The intellectual property rights situation has just hopped over to the world of the culinary arts. Heinz Beck is working on being able to copyright his recipes. With everything going on with frivolous patent hording, if we could extend this to the world of food; it seems that we’re moving away from the ‘end world ... Read More

The branded metropolis

If you thought Dundas Square in Toronto was already pretty bad for signage cacophony, maybe you should stop reading. A concept rendering by Kramer Design Associates depicts what the north end of the square will look like. Spacing has been courteous enough to direct us to city councilor Kyle Rae to whom one can voice ... Read More

Fantasy World Government

Nelson Mandela came up trumps in the BBC global government fantasy election. It is an interesting list though it is debatable how much people have thought their votes through. It would seem that people really look up to leaders of industry as much as geopolitical leaders. Richard Branson beat out Kofi Annan for example. Go ... Read More

The separation of Church and Media

The marketing department at Boeing and Bell have really sinned this time. Their being crucified for their advertisment in which an Osprey is descending upon a mosque as though war and death were riding the same horse. Unfortunately for them, the ad itself can no longer be suppressed and is being resurrected online via the ... Read More

The Che strikes back

You can get good ol’ Che’s mug on anything you desire, if you have the cash. Its big business after all. The one iconic image of the man has become a staple logo of commercial off-the-rack rebellion. How do you like that irony? You don’t need to ‘get’ it to get it. That is all ... Read More

Inspiration versus Imitation. Round 2005. Fight!

Discussions about intellectual property rights are the new discussions about politics and religion. This round sees Architecture getting pulled down into the frey. There are so many schools of thought on architectural referencing, lineage, typology, and influence but now the intellectual property police have been called in so you’d better cut that out and start ... Read More