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Libeskind takes Toronto

If you’re in Toronto today be sure to check out the opening of the Royal Ontario Museum’s new extension by Daniel Libeskind. The crystal-themed addition adds a new architectural landmark to the city and will be open this following week to the public before exhibits are added so you can check it out in it’s ... Read More

Have at you!

The Setting is Nathan Phillips Square. The time is three o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday, the twelfth of May. The weapons of choice are pillows. The expected outcome? Some ‘n00bs’ are about to get ‘pwned’ with some feathery headshots and the number of cameras will match or exceed the number of pillows.

Redesigning a modernist symbol

Viljo Revell must be rolling in his grave. The city of Toronto is going to be holding a competition to redesign Nathan Phillips square which is part of his winning city hall competition design. City hall and the square in which it resides is celebrated as the modernist symbol of the city but contemporary social ... Read More

Nuit Blanche

Tonight is the night for Nuit Blanche to descend upon Toronto. Incase you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard we’ll remind you that it is this all night contemporary art thing. It is already looking to be absolutely huge and exciting. There is too much great work to mention so if you’re in ... Read More

Helen Riley throws in the towel

The Toronto Pedestrian Committee’s co-chair Helen Riley seems to have given up on the sake of pedestrians in Toronto and quit her position. Spacing reports that she was frustrated by the position to the point of defeat. This speaks as much about pedestrians in Toronto as it does about the city itself and is demonstrative ... Read More

Bubble Battle

Last night newmindspace announced their next event; Bubble Battle. Three battlefields have been chosen. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver will be witness to bubble induced mayhem on the second day of July. Be warned. Now that Ohmpage has a fancy multimedia smartphone (review to come) we’ll bring you some documentation of the aftermath in Toronto for ... Read More

30 Years of the CN Tower

Happy Birthday CN Tower! Can you believe it has been thirty years already? You’re still our favorite free standing structure and the world’s tallest, not to mention our favorite antenna of all time. We love you CN Tower. Rock on.

Public space vs public interest

During the 2004 Summer Olympics Toronto’s Dundas square showed live event coverage on its giant screens so that people could relax in the square, socialise, and bond with respect to the sporting events of common (if mild) interest. If you walk through Toronto nowadays you’ll see crowds outside any store window featuring a TV which ... Read More

Transformers: More than meets the eye

There are transformers in Toronto under cover as mild mannered suburban houses. It is an insidious plot conceived of by Toronto Hydroponic Suppliess over fifty years ago. This trend of disguising infrastructure as banal landscape features continues to this day with the current trend of disguising antennae as trees et cetera.

Clearview views more clearly

American highway signage has been assigned a new typeface called ‘Clearview’ but what’s in a name? James Montalbano’s ClearviewHwy® typeface has already been applied in some places including an early adoption by Toronto. Considering how ubiquitous road signage can become it can’t hurt to investigate it a little.